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Integrated case packer AIO for yogurt pots

Integrated case packer AIO for pots of three different diameters Interlayer placing Fully automatic size change
Speed: 100pp

Sorting system for doybags

Sorting system for doybags with three spider robots. The doybags are fed randomly and are then orientated in single line. Infeed speed: 200 ppm

Integrated case packer and palletiser for pots

Integrated case packer and palletiser AIO Combo for pots containing sauces Infeed speed: 120 pots per minute in single row 20 boxes/min Integrated label application

Integrated case packer for doybags

Case packer AIO for flexible bags Three product formats Packing in single line in 6, 8, 10 or 12 counts
Speed: 90 ppm

Pick and place for pots

Pick and place to put plastic pots into plastic trays designed for the customer Spiral refrigerator feeding Speed: 150 cpm

Wrapper and packer

Integrated system to wrap and pack into boxes pots in glass. Checkweigher included Speed: 40 pots/min

Loading system with spider robots

System to load doybags fed randomly to a case packer Three spider robots
Speed: 200 ppm

Tray loading/unloading system

System to load/unload trays with pouches going/coming off the retort. Spider robots to load/unload the trays Robot to stack/unstack the metallic trays AGV connection